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Pod lipo Restaurant Ljubljana, student food Ljubljana

The restaurant Pod lipo – under the Linden tree, located in the centre of Ljubljana, is a widely known Slovene restaurant. Just the year 1820, which is carved above the entrance gate, is a reminder of the many satisfied guests that walked through these doors.

It’s beginnings span back to the 19th century and if the house could talk it would have many interesting stories to share. For example, that there used to be a butcher’s shop in the house or that it was often visited by coachmen or furmans as they were called, because this is where the official food scale used to be, or that in the 60’s an automobile fair was held in front of the restaurant. We might even have learned who planted the linden tree back in 1626, which gave the restaurant its name and why. For decades merry group of peoples would meet under the tree, townspeople as well as country folk. The main Roman road passed through this area in Roman times.

The restaurant Pod lipo is therefore one of those places that can boast with a truly interesting and rich culinary as well as social and cultural tradition. Because of its tradition and the offer of delicious local Slovene dishes it used to be a popular gathering spot for artists and bohemians, later mostly students, since it was one of the first restaurants to also offer pizzas.

The team of the restaurant POD LIPO wishes you bon appetite and a pleasurable stay.

Gourmet pleasures under the cover of tradition

Saturday, Sunday dinners, student lunches

Pod lipo Restaurant, Ljubljana

oldest linden tree in Ljubljana




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 Cold Starters 
 A selection of cold cuts of meat, for 2 people15,00 €
 Karst prosciutto ham with olives and cheese9,00 €
 Homemade Slovene sausage with bacon-lard spread8,70 €
 Homemade beef soup with noodles3,00 €
 Mushroom soup3,50 €
 Soup of the day2,80 €
 Warm Starters 
 Porcini mushrooms with eggs8,00 €
 Grilled porcini mushrooms with parmezan cheese8,50 €
 Fresh cheese served with rocket7,80 €
 Buckwheat dumplings served with crackling and sour cream8,00 €
 “Kranjska” Slovenian sausage8,00 €
 Pasta Dishes 
 Spaghetti, Tagliatelle or Gnocchi: 
  * With bolognese sauce7,00 €
  * With a tomato sauce6,40 €
  * Carbonara7,50 €
  * With porcini mushrooms8,30 €
  * With shrimps8,50 €
  * With seafood8,20 €
  * With prosciutto ham8,50 €
  * With cheese sauce7,50 €
  * With chicken, courgette and mushrooms8,00 €
  * With roast beef, asparagus and truffles10,00 €
 Meat Lasagne8,00 €
 Spinach Lasagne7,50 €
 Slovene Dishes 
 Beef goulash8,00 €
 “Trieste” style beef-tripe stew6,50 €
 Idrian dumplings with a potato filling, in a goulash sauce9,00 €
 Home made griled sausage with side dish9,50 €
 Roast pork with sautéed potatoes9,50 €
 Roast veal with sautéed potatoes10,50 €
 Fried chicken – half10,00 €
 Fried chicken – whole18,00 €
 Country feast for 2 people (seasonal)24,00 €
 (grilled sausage, blood sausage, roast pork, pickled cabbage, pickled turnip,
 buckwheat polenta, matevž (Slovene refried beans), sautéed potatoes)
 “A la carte” platters 
 “Lipa” platter for 2 people27,00 €
 (2x pork Wiener schnitzel, 2 x grilled turkey steak, 2x rump steak in 
 mushroom sauce, roast vegetables, cottage cheese dumplings, roast potatoes) 
 Mixed grill12,00 €
 (spicy sausage, pork chop, skewered meat kebab, grilled cheese, French fries, sides)
 Steak with roast potatoesTurkey or Pork 
  * with gravy9,00 €
  * “Viennese” style9,20 €
  * grilled9,00 €
  * in cream sauce10,00 €
  * in mushroom sauce11,00 €
  * “Ljubljana” style11,00 €
  * House style (Pod Lipo)11,50 €
 (tomato, prosciutto ham, cheese, asparagus)
 LIPA Rump steak14,50 €
 (stuffed with porcini mushrooms, prosciutto ham and cheese) 
 Grilled rump steak with roasted vegetables13,00 €
 Tenderloin medallions in a wine sauce11,50 €
 Tenderloin medallions with dried tomatoes11,50 €
 Grilled beef steak with eggs16,90 €
 Beef steak in a green pepper sauce16,90 €
 Beef steak in a porcini mushroom sauce17,90 €
 Vegetarian dishes 
 Homemade cottage cheese dumplings with porcini mushrooms9,00 €
 Buckwheat porridge with porcini mushrooms8,00 €
 Fried cheese with French fries and Tartar sauce8,00 €
 Vegetarian platter9,00 €
 (Vegetable steak, soya burgers, young cheese, grilled vegetables, cottage cheese dumplings)
 Fish dishes 
 Fried Calamari with Tartar sauce9,50 €
 Grilled calamari with chard potatoes10,50 €
 Grilled calamari stuffed with prosciutto ham and cheese11,50 €
 “Trieste” style perch fillet with boiled potatoes10,50 €
 “Trieste” style Trout with chard potatoes12,50 €
 Salmon fillet with herb butter and grilled courgettes12,50 €
 fillet of sea bream or fillet of sea bass on grill with side dish13,50 €
 Fish plate for two28,00 €
 (Fried Calamari,Grilled calamari sardines, 2x fish file,chard with potatoe, grilled vegetables, French fries)
 Side dishes 
 French fries, roast potatoes2,50 €
 Sautéed potatoes, boiled potatoes with butter2,50 €
 Potato croquettes, gnocchi2,50 €
 Rice2,50 €
 Boiled vegetables2,50 €
 Grilled vegetables2,50 €
 Cottage cheese dumplings2,50 €
 Salad plates 
 “Pod Lipo” salad6,00 €
 lettuce, radicchio, cabbage, ham, cheese, sweetcorn, carrot, salad dressing
 Fried Chicken salad7,50 €
 lettuce, radicchio, rocket, grilled champignon and courgette, egg, salad dressing, Fried Chicken
 Warm chicken salad7,00 €
 lettuce, radicchio, rocket, grilled champignon, aubergine and courgette; chicken in sauce
 Warm turkey salad7,00 €
 lettuce, radicchio, rocket, grilled green pepper and turkey, egg, carrot, salad dressing
 Tuna salad7,00 €
 lettuce, radicchio, rocket,tomato, beans, onion, tuna, sweetcorn, salad dressing
 Calamari salad7,80 €
 lettuce, radicchio, rocket, grilled asparagus and squid, cherry tomatoes, salad dressing
 Shrimp salad8,20 €
 lettuce, radicchio, rocket, tomatoes, green pepper, shrimps, chilli, salad dressing
 Sea food salad7,80 €
 lettuce, radicchio, rocket, cherry tomatoes, sea food, salad dressing
 Roast beef salad8,20 €
 lettuce, radicchio, rocket, mozzarela, nuts, roast beef, salad dressing
 Saladvelika3,00 €
  * lettuce, radicchio, cabbage, beans, tomatoes …mala2,50 €
 Apple strudel3,00 €
 Cheese dumplings3,50 €
 Pancakes (with nutella, jam, or nuts)3,50 €
 Hot fruit with ice cream and cream3,80 €
 Iced coffee3,00 €
 Ice cream1,40 €
     Small (28cm)crust weight28 dag
1LIPA6,40 €
 tomato sauce, cheese, ham, wild mushrooms 
2NAVADNA6,00 €
 tomato sauce, cheese, ham 
 tomato sauce, cheese 
4RUKOLA6,70 €
 tomato sauce, cheese, tomatoes, rocket 
5KRAŠKA7,50 €
 tomato sauce, cheese, wild mushrooms, olives, prosciutto ham 
6MORSKA7,50 €
 tomato sauce, cheese, sea food, Trieste sauce 
7TUNA7,20 €
 tomato sauce, cheese, tuna, onions 
8VRAŽJA7,00 €
 tomato sauce, cheese, ham, salami, pepperoni, olives, tabasco 
9KMEČKA7,20 €
 tomato sauce, cheese, smoked meat, salami, fresh champignon, sour cream 
10SIROVA6,30 €
 tomato sauce, gauda cheese, gorgonzola cheese, feta cheese, nacho cheese 
11VRTNA6,20 €
 tomato sauce, cheese, tomatoes, green pepper, courgettes, olives


  Drinks prices   
  Non-Alcoholic drinks   
Radenska mineral water0,10L0,60 €
Cola, Orange0,10L0,80 €
Juices: Orange, Pineapple, Blueberry, ‘Jabi’0,10L0,90 €
Strawberry juice0,10L1,00 €
Peach juice0,10L1,00 €
Still Lemonade0,30 L2,00 €
Cockta0,25 L2,20 €
Iced Tea (Nestea )0,33 L2,30 €
Coca-cola, Fanta, Sprite0,25 L2,30 €
Schweppes (Bitter lemon, Tonic)0,25 L2,30 €
Orangina, Limona0,25 L2,50 €
“Fructal” juices0,20 L2,50 €
Costella mineral water0,50 L1,60 €
Costella mineral water (flavoured)0,50 L2,00 €
“Multisola” multivitamin juice0,50 L1,90 €
Aloe Vera0,50 L2,80 €
Radenska mineral water0,25 L1,50 €
Freshly-squeezed Orange juice0,10 L1,50 €
Red Bull0,25L3,00 €
On tap (light, dark, mixed)0,50 L2,40 €
On tap (light, dark, mixed)0,30 L2,00 €
On tap (light, dark, mixed)0,20 L1,80 €
Beer shandy (on tap)0,50 L2,50 €
Beer shandy (on tap)0,30 L2,10 €
Beer shandy (on tap)0,20 L1,90 €
Union, Laško (bottled)0,33 L2,50 €
Union, Laško (bottled)0,50 L2,50 €
UNI (alcohol-free)0,50 L2,00 €
Bandidos (tequila, ice)0,33 L2,60 €
Corona0,33 L3,00 €
Heineken0,33 L3,00 €
Wines0.10 Lit1.0 Lit
Table Wines  
 Cabernet sauvignon1,20 €12,00 €
 Chardonnay1,20 €12,00 €
Bottled Wines  
  Haložan1,20 €12,00 €
 Refošk, Cviček1,20 €12,00 €
Quality Bottled Wines0,10Lit0,75Lit
 Rebula 0,75l2,50 €18,00 €
 Q. Cabernet savignon 0,75l2,50 €18,00 €
 Traminec 0,75l3,50 €26,00 €
Dessert wines  
 Martini0,1l3,00 €
Sparkling wines  
 Srebrna Radgonska penina (“Silver”) 0,75Lit25,00 €
 Zlata Radgonska penina (“Gold”)0,75Lit30,00 €
Fruit schnappes, Vodka, Rum0,03L1,80 €
Blueberry Liqueur, Lemon Liqueur0,03L2,00 €
Smirnoff Vodka0,03L2,80 €
Pelinkovec (wormwood liqueur)0,03L2,00 €
Travarica (herbal Rakia)0,03L2,00 €
Cynar, Gin0,03L1,80 €
Bacardi0,03L2,80 €
Stock0,03L2,30 €
Viljamovka (pear liqueur)0,03L3,00 €
Carolans Irish Liqueur0,03L2,50 €
Campari, Malibu0,03L2,50 €
Jegermeister, Tequila0,03L2,80 €
Brinjevec (juniper brandy)0,03L2,80 €
Slivovka (plum brandy)0,03L2,00 €
Whisky – Ballantines, CC, Johnnie W.red0,03L3,00 €
Whisky – Jack Daniels, Johnnie W. black0,03L3,50 €
Whisky – Chivas regal0,03L4,00 €
COGNAC – Martell
0,03L4,00 €
Hot Drinks  
 Coffee 1,10 €
 Machiato 1,20 €
 Coffee with Milk 1,30 €
 Coffee with Cream 1,40 €
 Cappuccino 1,40 €
 Coffee Latte 1,90 €
 Coffee Latte with Cream 2,00 €
 Double coffee 2,00 €
We also offer decaffinated versions of all coffees for the same price.
 Herbal  1,50 €
 Fruit  1,50 €
 Zeleni  1,50 €
 Black  1,50 €
 Tea with Honey  1,80 €
 Tea with Milk  1,80 €
Other Hot Drinks   
 Cocoa 1,90 €
 Cocoa with Cream 2,10 €
 Hot Chocolate 2,30 €
 Hot Chocolate with Cream 2,50 €
 Milk2 dl1,40 €
 Mulled Wine2 dl2,80 €
 Grog 4,00 €
INTERTREND d.o.o., Savska loka 21, Kranj
establishment: Gostilna Pod lipo, Borštnikov trg 3 1000 Ljubljana
Prices valid from 03.10.2013 onwards. Prices are in Euros and include tax.



we offer wide selection for students

Besides four daily specialties every day we offer:

Chicken or pork steak with attachment:Pasta with sauce:
Vienna style with french friesBolognese
Grilled with riceFour cheese
The mushroom sauce with roasted potatoesTomato
The cream sauce with gnocchiVegetable
Pizzas:Salad plates:
LipaWith roasted chicken
MargeritaWith fried chicken
NavadnaWith grilled vegetable
Meat or spinach lasagna
Fried cheese with french fries and tartar sauce
Fried variety of cod with french fries and tartar sauce
Fried calamari with french fries and tartar sauce

All meals include: daily soup, salad, fruit

Students are asked to show a valid student card before ordering and bonus coupon . Price for a meal is 3,70 € .


Daily menu