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Terms of use

Upon registration / ordering service, the user undertakes to agree with all the provisions in the following Terms and Conditions of use of web content Every time you log on to the portal, you acknowledge that you agree with all the provisions and accept all the above conditions of use.

Terms of use of online content / services

1. GENERAL PROVISIONS: Contents of the General Conditions of use of the website relating to the conditions of use of the services of content / services on the web pages and constitutes a legally valid and binding agreement between the provider and the users of the website information-Ireland .com.

2. DEFINITIONS: Provider and website administrator is ADINVEST Ltd. (hereinafter the provider). The path providers are providers of an Internet connection used by the users and the provider. The user is any person who visits the site it in any way applicable (hereinafter: the user). Use it allows an unlimited number of users who accept the service provider in the manner, under the conditions and in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions of Use and other guidelines of the provider.


By registering and publishing their content on company ADINVEST doo, to make them public in all the media and all statutory forms that are owned by ADINVEST Ltd. and allows you to any third party per visit and content streamed to your computer, and temporarily or permanently fixed. For any further distribution of third-party content ADINVEST Ltd. is not responsible, nor have any influence over the conduct of third parties and, therefore, relative to the user in connection with further use is not liable (? Complex written), so the user is aware and agrees. User explicitly guarantees that with the publication of its content that it publishes on the website does not violate rights of intellectual property or personal rights of third parties.

1. DESCRIPTION OF THE SITE: the Slovenian information portal designed in collaboration with providers of goods and services in Slovenia. The data is directly verified by legal entities in Slovenia. Our goal is a portal where users can quickly find the provider of services or goods they need at that moment. The portal also allows you to search by type of employment, distance to the place, distance from points of interest position on the map. The data is updated several times a year.

2. Accessibility of the website: Portal is generally available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. We reserve the right to shorter interruptions of access to websites for technical reasons, maintenance and replacement of equipment. Due to reasons related to maintenance, the provider reserves the right to longer interruptions of access to The provider does not guarantee the availability of pages of potential failure in the networks of the path providers, or any other failure, error, technical disturbance or the interruption of operation of third parties (power supply …) as well as force majeure.

3. GENERAL ACCESS: Access and use of the website are provided 24 hours per day, except in the cases provided for in Article 4 of the General Conditions. The content provider reserves the right to modify the suspected abuse referred to in Article 10 of the general conditions, limit or terminate access to content an individual password. The user may at any time and for any reason by giving written notice to terminate the membership of

4. TERMS OF USE AGE AND LIABILITY: To use the content published on the no age limits. Sign in is for your own use. Registration of others is not allowed, which is guaranteed by full liability for damages and assume passive identification in the event of a dispute. It is not permitted to authorize or register others or. otherwise redirect your account. It is also not permitted to use services for any unlawful purpose. The tenderer may in its discretion refuse to assign the username that refers to another person, it is protected by legal rights of trademarks or other rights, or is obscene and unacceptable in another way.

OTHER RULES OF USE: In order to ensure quality services are provided to the user undertakes to access and usability follow all the guidelines and other rules of use posted on the websites of

1. General RECOMMENDATION TO USER: User should carefully save your password and user name. Services operate in accordance with the instructions and recommendations of the service provider and the instructions this way. Users should be aware that, despite the care and control of service possible misuse. Service Provider of any changes and updates to its users informed on all the places where they are published instructions for using the service and Conditions.

2. PRIVACY AND DATA PROTECTION: The service provider undertakes to carefully protect the data of users and use them exclusively for the purposes of the provision of services. Personal data of users shall be protected in accordance with the Law on the protection of personal data.

3. DISCLAIMER: The customer should be aware that: 1. Web technologies for transfer and access to the content are not 100% reliable. Upon potential failure due to the path providers, content providers assumes no responsibility; 2. The content provider and service provider are not responsible for the malfunction of services resulting from misuse and ignorance of the user; 3. The user manual of video content requires an appropriate computer; 4. User manual video content requires suitable fast web connection to the Internet. The minimum required connection speed is 128 Kbps, recommended at least 512 Mbps; 5. The content provider can not guarantee the functioning of services in the event of failure of the network of distribution partners, power failure or any other technical disturbances which could temporarily affect the provision of services; 6. The content provider is not responsible for content published on websites, whose authors are the users of the website; 7. The content provider reserves the right to remove inappropriate messages substance.

4. The user undertakes to: – the service will not be used for the purpose of posting or promoting any type of content and / or activity which is in conflict with applicable legislation and / or public order and morality, – in its communication does not use threats, derogatory , degrading or insulting manner of expression – not to communicate with other users on behalf of other persons – exploit services for commercial, illegal or any other purposes than those stipulated in these conditions – it will not distribute copyright material or contents that are owned by other legal or natural persons – will not attempt to gather, collect and / or store personal data of other users – not to harass other users if they express their disagreement with communication – it will not in any way copy, store or forward the parts or the whole content of the website and especially premium content pages – not to use computer codes, harmful programs or anything that might interfere with, disabling or damaging the service provider and its software and hardware path provider and telecommunications devices.

5. RETURNS: Users provide the technical support and assistance to the e-mail address The content provider manages all complaints and other proceedings with users in accordance with their rules of engagement and the applicable legislation RS. The content provider undertakes to solve any potential technical and / or content-related complaints. The content provider in the case of justified complaints, ensure to eliminate the causes for complaint and in case of irregularities by the path provider, submit the path provider which is obliged to rectify the error. In the case of justified complaints, the content provider undertakes to eliminate them within a reasonable time and notify the user. If complaints refer to the path provider, the content provider objective complaints forwarded to the relevant service provider channels, which is obliged to rectify the error. All complaints related to the operation of the Internet breaking free Internet connection provider user services.

6. breach of the conditions: The content provider reserves the right to users who violate the General Terms and Conditions of Use or acting contrary to them, disable access to websites The content provider reserves the right to deny access to users who intentionally or negligently to third parties your password and / or username. If a user by their conduct cause service provider or route any damage, it shall be morally, materially and criminally responsible. Any infringement in the use of the website by other users communicate with the service provider e-mail to

7. Electronic Communications: the user to the publication of their data to the portal company ADINVEST Ltd. It allows him via e-mail informing about any changes, updates, and other content as well as activities related to the portal, while respecting the statutory provision that from the list to receive notifications each time a new message you can unsubscribe.

8. CHANGES: The content provider can change the terms of use of content. The content provider undertakes to make any changes or. update the conditions of use in an appropriate manner inform the users.

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