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Our Story

Borli Ltd company was established in December 2014. At the beginning our core business was providing legal services for companies from Slovenia and EU who want to penetrate to Balkan markets. One of our first clients was Amikod Group Ltd from UK, which was mainly targeting Serbian and Bosnia-Herzegovina markets. In next few years we help many smaller companies to establish successful business in Balkan markets, mainly in Serbia, and aslo some Serbian companies to establish their business in Slovenia and EU.

Because legal services are no longer required to such an extend, we have adapted to market needs. In year 2018 we turned to industry, and we started to work as subcontractors for welding and locksmith services. Right now we have employed our team of welders and locksmiths and we successfully cooperate with many Slovenian companies.


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Industrial services

We provide quality welding and locksmith services for our business partners. With our team of welders and loksmiths we take ...

Industrial services

We provide quality welding and locksmith services for our business partners. With our team of welders and loksmiths we take part of the production of our partners in their capacities and we perform the ordered services.

We offer to our clients:

  • MIG/MAG welding
  • TIG welding
  • Electro welding
  • Autogenous welding
  • Plastic welding

Science in the name of health.

Since 2015, with our business partners we provide services in a field of sports diagnostics. In 2017 we also start ...

Science in the name of health.

Since 2015, with our business partners we provide services in a field of sports diagnostics. In 2017 we also start to provide services in a field of scientific researches and now we provide:

  • measurements:
    • tensiomyography
    • mobile electrocardiography
  • analysis of the results
  • analysis of different program solutions
  • lectures
  • scientific publications
  • attending congresses and conferences

Based on the results of our researches, mobile ECG device which allowed long term heart monitoring during physical activity, was implemented in sports practice. We also made a researches about positive effects of physical activity and improvement of life quality of elderly population.



“The best help and advice can be obtained from those who speak from their own experience. As we came from Serbia ourselves, we are able to advice from our own experience. You are in the right place to get all support needed!”

Borli Ltd

Want to expand Your business to the markets of Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia – Herzegovina or Croatia ?

Already successfully operating in the market of Western Europe and have desire to expand Your business to a Balkan market? Or perhaps You are coming from Eastern Europe and want to expand your business to the European Union market?

Did you know that Serbia has signed many free-trade and economic cooperation agreements with Eastern Europe countries, especially with Russia? Also, that Slovenian companies or those with Slovenian work permits, can operate across the European Union and Switzerland practically without limits?

If you want to expand into those markets, we present the best choice for you! 

We know best those markets, as we are coming from Serbia, know well Bosnia and Croatia and working successfully in Slovenia. We can establish a company or start business on those markets for you, arrange contracts or legal acts in Slovenian, Serbian, Bosnian or Croatian language, but can also provide you with other useful information or assist with our wide range of business contacts in Slovenia, Serbia and Bosnia – Herzegovina.

With our service you will receive an individual treatment, full support and long term reliable partner.

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Borli d.o.o. 101

CEO: Natalija Tokanović, LL.M.

  • Law Degree, Union University in Belgrade, 2009.
  • Internship at the Simic law firm, Belgrade, 2009 – 2011.
  • Bar exam, Belgrade 2011.
  • Master of Laws Degree from the Law Studies of Union University in Belgrade – Department of European Union Law, 2013.
  • Pro – agencija s.p., 2012 – 2013.
  • Borli Ltd, 2014.

Lawyer Natalia Tokanović specializes in corporate law in Slovenia, Serbia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina. She was also lecturer at International Institute for Knowledge Transfer, where she has lecturers for Slovenian enterpreneurs who want to penetrate into Serbian or BiH market. She also write a few articles about economic state in Balkan countries. Her main activity in the company is targeting new clients and looking for new business opportunities.


Manager: Boris Širaiy, Ph.D.

  • Most d.o.o., Rakek, 2004 – 2006.
  • Boro-Galeb d.o.o., Beograd, 2006 – 2011.
  • Pro – agencija, s.p., 2011 – 2015.
  • Borli d.o.o., 2015.

Manager Boris Širaiy has a valuable experience in a sports field and his main role in work with our clients present scientific researches in a field of sports medicine, prevention, diagnostics and rehabilitation. He wrote scientific papers in a field of sports medicine and diagnostics, and he cooperate with a research team from “Jozef Stefan” Institute from Ljubljana, and with Department of exercise physiology and biochemistry at University of Belgrade. Based on the results of his researches mobile ECG device is implemented in a sports practice where it is used by coaches and medical staff of professional ice hockey and football players, and also recreational athletes. He also represent our subcotractors on Russian, Asian, African, Middle East, North American, and Eastern European markets.


Confidential clerk : Jože Širaj, B.Ec.

Representative Joze Širaj possesses a rich and long experience with business enterprises in the markets of Western Europe. He is responsible for business consulting, organization of meetings and attracting new partners from Western Europe.


“Do You need some capital to establish a company? If the answer is yes, how much capital is necessary?”

Yes, when establishing a company an initial capital is required. This amount is different for each country we work in:

  • Slovenia – 7,500 EUR
  • Croatia – 20,000 HRK (approximately 3,000 EUR)
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina:
    • Republic of Srpska – 1 BAM (about 0.5 EUR)
    • Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina – 2,000 BAM (approximately 1,000 EUR)
  • Serbia – 100 RSD (approximately 1 EUR)

This is the lowest initial capital necessary to invest when establishing a company. The initail capital is intended to cover initial operating costs of the newly established company.

“Is there a difference if the company is established by individual rather than a legal entity?”

It depends on a country. In some countries, there are some basic differences regarding initail capital investment and the process of business registration, and in some, there are no differences at all. To give You a definite answer please infrom us which country You want to start a company in.

“For which of the following countries You need a work permit?”

For EU citizens work permit is necessary for Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Slovenia and Croatia do not require a work permit because they are EU member states. For third-country nationals work permit is required for all four countries – Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“I need legal help. Can you help me find a lawyer?”

Of course. Our company is working with lawyers in Ljubljana, Zagreb, Belgrade and in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Inform us in which country You need a lawyer, and we will connect You with our partners in the particular country.

“How long is the procedure of establishing a company?”

Duration of establishing a company is different from country to country. As a rule, the handing over of documents in all countries is carried out in one place. The simplest and shortest procedure of establishment of comapany is in Slovenia, where the entire procedure usually lasts a few days, while in Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia establishing procedures take about a month and even as much as a month and half.



The quality and success of our work is confirmed by many satisfied clients which availed themselves of our business services:

  • Amikod Capital Group Ltd
  • Visiodux Ltd
  • CorpoTag Ltd
  • InvoiceTrail Ltd
  • BizOnRate Ltd
  • LiquiditySafe Ltd
  • FactorPort Ltd
  • FindingEdge Ltd
  • Balz Maschinen AG
  • Most d.o.o., Rakek
  • Karnion d.o.o.
  • Termoplasting d.o.o., Beograd
  • DSM – TIM d.o.o.
  • Ascaldera d.o.o., Beograd
  • AS-CAL d.o.o.
  • SDBW d.o.o.
  • Info house Ltd
  • Ekoprojekt Sistem d.o.o., Beograd
In our company we are specially proud on our business partners. We have excellent cooperation and we realise many projects together:
  • Tajfun Liv d.o.o.
  • Varis Lendava d.o.o.
  • School of Health Society
  • Jozef Stefan Institute
  • TMG – BMC d.o.o.
  • Portal Novi podjetnik
  • International Institut for Knowledge Transfer
  • Association for Development of Knowledge
  • Wotra Universe Ltd
  • S-Konto, S. Šivec, s.p.